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What I do
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Holistic 1:1 Herbal Consultations
with Danielle Caster 

Danielle Caster

Danielle Caster
Clinical Herbalist

In my clinical practice I take pride in providing my clients with the tools they need to achieve their wellness goals. Taking a holistic approach, I work one on one with my clients to look at all areas of their lives to get to the root cause of their concerns. Treating the person, and not just the symptoms.

As a trauma informed herbalist I know that todays problems can be connected to the past and I understand that no two clients are the same, each with their own unique constitution and story that makes them who they are. I take all of this in to consideration when formulating a custom protocol for each of my clients.

Clients of all ages and genders are welcome in my practice. However I am particularly drawn to working with modern professional women that work in caregiving fields, such as Health Care Professionals, Teachers, Therapists, Business Owners and of course Mothers.

Whether it be burnout, adrenal fatigue, nervous system dysregulation, hormone imbalances, menstrual irregularities, digestive upset, sleep issues, anxiety or any other issue that plagues the modern woman. When we commit our lives to helping others, it can impact our own wellbeing. I'm here to support you!

To see if we are the right fit, book your free 15 minute Exploratory call today!

What to Expect

Why Naturopathy

What to Expect: One on One Holistic Sessions

  • Upon booking our one on one session together, you will receive my detailed holistic intake form. This form is to be filled out and returned to me before our session. 

  • In our 90 minute Initial Wellness Session you will have a chance to tell your story. What brought you to herbal medicine and what you would like to accomplish while working together. 

  • In 3-5 business days, you will then receive a detailed email with your personalized herbal protocol. Your personalize protocol may include; herbal remedies, supplements, lifestyle and nutritional recommendations. 

  • Once you have acquired all the necessary items to begin your protocol, you will check back in and we will schedule a one week followup. This followup is just a quick 15-20 minute session to see how you are enjoying everything so far. 

  • From there we will schedule a followup session four weeks out. This session will be 45 minutes and gives us a chance to discuss how it has been going and make adjustments if need be. 

  • We will then followup every 4-6 weeks until you have achieved your wellness goals. 

Wellness Sessions


About me 

Danielle Caster

Hi! I’m Danielle Caster, a Clinical Herbalist, dedicated gardener, and a mother of three. If I think about it, the plants have always been a part of my life. One of my first memories is eating raw broccoli out of my dads garden and hating the taste. (Broccoli is my fav now, go figure).

As a child I remember playing with horsetail near the rivers and pulling the pieces apart and putting them back together. 

I come from very humble beginnings, spending much of my childhood and teenage years in survival mode, frequently moving and taking on a caregiver role for my younger siblings. In 1998, I became a teen mom, and for many years, I continued to navigate life in survival mode. Despite these challenges, I always had a passion for helping people and felt a calling towards healthcare. In 2000, I secured a full time position at our local hospital, where I dedicated 17 years of my career.  

When my husband and I bought our current home in 2008, amid a busy family life with three young children and working at the hospital, my dream of creating a garden in our side yard had to wait.  

Fast forward to 2017 when I left my hospital job and, with the kids a little older, with more time on my hands, I started my garden adventure. Watching plants grow from seeds to produce was mesmerizing.

During this time, though, I was also dealing with various health issues of my own, including high blood pressure, Dupuytren’s Contracture (a disease where the tendons in my hands were becoming thick and tight, making it hard for me to grasp things), a lifetime of nervous system dysregulation, and I faced the prospect of a third surgery on my hip. 

Frustrated with conventional treatments, and getting passed around from doctor to doctor,  I turned to acupuncture and explored the healing power of herbs. 

I quickly began to realize how vast the world of herbalism is and felt overwhelmed. In the end of 2020 and amidst a global pandemic I decided to sign up for an 8 month long beginner herbalism course to have more structure in my learning. Little did I know at the time, this course would be the beginning of a lifelong love of herbalism and set me on a new career path. Continuing on to complete 2 more years of herbal education, deepening my herbal knowledge and also gaining insights into human health along the way. I began growing medicinal plants, making positive lifestyle changes, and experiencing remarkable improvements in my own health. 

My passion for herbalism led me to a clinical practice, where I now work one-on-one with clients, partnering with them to address their health concerns. I’m committed to harnessing the healing potential of plants and empowering my clients to regain control of their health through herbal remedies. 

Meet Danielle

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Woodland, Ca

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